Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Carrot Smell

I needed to grate some carrot tonight.
Off to the vegie patch I went.
We have had a constant supply of home grown carrots
since 1st October, there will be
many more months of supply as we have done
staggered plantings over the summer.

The carrots we harvest are not as uniform and perfect
as their supermarket "very distant cousins"
There is always great exitement when we find odd ones.
Our carrots have a wonderful smell and taste.
I can tell you
Supermarket carrots do not smell like carrots at all.

And, what is with these?
They were all in a row,
Sort of look like they have exploded under ground.
Does anyone know how this happens?
Too much water
Not enough water
Too hot, Too cold
Harvested to late

Have a great weekend
Jacqueline :)


  1. The homegrown carrots look really good. I haven't grown them much and mine usually end up being a bit deformed but the taste is there at least.:) Not sure why they would explode? When do you start planting the next lot of carrots when you stagger them to get a constant supply? I planted seedling yesterday but have carrot seeds so I'm not sure when to plant them.

  2. Your homegrown carrots have a lot more character than their boring supermarket cousins!

  3. what crazy carrots! Don't know much about them myself but I found a link below that might help. (yes, I'm avoiding my jobs.....)
    Love your stuff - you're very clever!



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