Friday, July 12, 2013

Snack Container Lids

Like most mum's, I pack a lot of school lunches.
I send rubbish free lunch boxes,
I peel and core the fruit as our compost benefits from all those scraps,
rather than binning them at school   
 And, I wash a lot of school lunch containers.
The boys are very good at not leaving their containers at school,
but, somehow, the lids of the smash snack tubes do go missing.
I was going to buy some more, then wondered if I could just get the lid's,
rather than buying more containers.
I found them online at Bonzoo.
The lids were 50c each and even with postage, it was cheaper than buying new containers
The only thing was that the lids arrived in this huge box!
How can that be, it's just bloody ridiculous.
Anyway, I have my extra lids now, all ready for next term.
This is not a sponsored post,
just sharing the info in case you may have some missing lids too :)
Have a great weekend


  1. missing lids, on ALL the same containers of yours: BANE of my lunch making existence.

  2. I suppose it's probably cheaper and easier for Bonzoo to send out everything in the same size least it can be recycled too!

  3. who knew you could buy just lids!!

  4. It really puts me off companies that use huge amounts of packaging!

  5. Hi, thanks for raising this packaging issue. We've raised it with our warehouse team. More of an oversight than anything else. Cheers, the Bonzoo team.


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