Monday, July 23, 2012

Home Grown Apples

About 3 years ago, we planted a little apple tree out the front,
and started to train it as an espallier to save space.
Our little tree is a miniture Pink Lady.

The first year it produced fruit,
but, the little apples all dropped to the ground.

Last season, more fruit came,
we covered it up to protect it from the birds

Everyone waited patiently for the fruit to grow...

then turn red ...

Finally in April they were ready to harvest - all 19 of them.
And they were the nicest apples anyone had ever tasted!

Do you harvest any fruit from your garden?

I think we need more apple tree's.
Have a great week


  1. They look delicious.
    Ours has codling moth, unfortunately, so we're in the throws of trying to work out how to get rid of them without spraying ....
    The birds love it!
    Beautiful garden by the way!

  2. haha, love the pic of the first husband standing watching it. Like, 'C'mon!'

  3. Yum, home grown apples! Like nearly everyone in our town, I have a fabulous lemon tree, and I also have a lime tree. My limes are lovely this year, I'm searching for good recipes to enjoy them more.

  4. That was pretty quick really, I might try and grow one along a fence that needs some cover.

  5. Those apples look delicious! Pink lady is my fave variety of apple. We have 2 very small apple trees but the fruit is not too tasty. Might need a bit more loving I think. I have just written a post about home grown fruit too - our mandarins are going crazy at the moment!

  6. I can only imagine how good those apples tasted. What fun to be able to go and pick apples from your own tree. Sadly in Queensland it's a little too hot for apple trees but I do have a lemon and mandarine tree that sadly both have not fruited at all. I think that we might need to replant those trees somewhere else.


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