Monday, April 16, 2012

Handmade Gifts

A couple of Handmade Birthday Gifts for the boy's friends.

A Zipper Pouch for Alexander,
big enough to put a novel, ipod,
and any other goodies in.

Some matching bookmarks too.

A smaller one for Yasintsa, she was having a fruit themed party,
so I thought this strawberry fabric would be perfect.

I also framed a photo I had taken at our house of 2 best friends,
along with some nail polish and lip gloss.

School has resumed today
ahhhhh....the serenity



  1. nice! such cool quality handmade gifts at that!


  2. I LOVE these!! So hard to think of handmade gift ideas for boys. Must do a series on those too now that I've done one for girls. I'll know who to ask when I do!!
    How did u get the names on the fabric??

  3. Just lovely goodies so obviously lovingly made, and by the way, enjoy the serenity! Jane

  4. Beautiful!!! What lucky kids!
    And sharing your aaaahs here too!

  5. You've made some great presents there:) I really like the boy gift and the fabric you've used, very clever indeed. Have a great week Jacqueline.

  6. Love the pouches! That bike fabric is too sweet, I've got some too and have been thinking about using it for something similar. Hope you are getting creative now that school has gone back!

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