Monday, January 23, 2012

October Departures

(Yes, it is October departure's, I am just a little behind)
A custom made Bunting for a local store
They have free shipping in their online store too :)

A custom made Bunting for Sophie, this one headed off to Singapore
(child was not included)

A name Garland for Kate

A personalised Rocket Bunting for Tania

A custom made Santa Sack for Kylie

Buntings for Lisa, Justin, Kylie and Craig

Buntings for Susan, Kim and Amanda

Santa Sacks for Megan, Nicole, and Catherine

Santa Sacks for Pauline,
and for Caroline up in lovely The Top End

A big THANKYOU to everyone that
purchased a ZippyZippy creation in October!

Take care and Be Good


  1. it's all so gorgeous! But how so you beat the monotony of making the same thing- I get bored after 2 or 3 of the same item! I guess the financial factor is a big one haha!

  2. Love your buntings. They've really inspired me as I've made some of my own. Makes me happy to see them hanging there.


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