Friday, December 9, 2011

The Haby Goddess Handmade Kris Kringle

Firstly - I am back - all ZippyZippy orders have been posted,
keep an eye on your letter box if you have ordered a Santa Sack! 

A while ago I joined up with Jodie at The Haby Goddess 
and played along in the Handmade Kris Kringle.
I sent out a Red and White Bunting

A few Bunting cards, and some Fabric Covered Magnets.

As usual, I left it till the very last minute, but my pacel left ZippyZippy HQ
and Tanya should have her parcel by now, if Australia Post has played their part.

My parcel arrived this week from Lamina at Do a Bit..Everyday
A beautiful handmade bird.
Not only did Lamina create the bird,
firstly, she tea dyed the fabric, then hand printed the design on the fabric.
How lucky am I!
Thanks Lamina, I love her (I think she is a girl) 
she will hang proudly above my sewing machine at ZippyZippy HQ.
Pop over to Lamina's blog,
there is lots of lovely hand printing going on over there,
something I would love to try one day.

And, thanks to Jodie for organising the swap :)



  1. Lamina really nailed it, what a beautiful bird! As you know, I love making birds :) Swaps are such fun aren't they.

  2. That bird is gorgeous, so clever! I haven't come across any swaps before...looks like fun!

  3. awwwww... thank you!!! I am SO happy that you love your little birdie!! I loved/enjoyed making her... too much fun :)

    Your bunting looks so gorgeous... love it :)

  4. Your Kris Kringle parcel is gorgeous! I'm sure Tanya will love it. Thank you once again for playing along.

  5. Your bunting is lovely and a great choice of red and white fabrics, Tanya is going to love having that bunting hanging up for Christmas. What a sweet little bird you got too:)


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